Wednesday, 10 September 2014


If, like many, you only have room for one Plum in your garden or allotment, some consideration needs to be taken as to variety. Although the range of self fertile varieties is greater by percentage than with apples and pears, there are still a number of varieties that may disappoint, or provide no fruit at all unless they are partnered. Here is a useful rundown of the better varieties that provide good crops of quality fruit all on their own!
1] Jubilee
This ultra hardy Swedish raised Plum must rank number one on the recommendations list. It is a high quality Plum for picking a little earlier than Victoria. It regularly produces large red/purple oval Plums with a juicy golden flesh with a very high percentage of class 1 fruits. It is very frost tolerant and produces a crop during seasons that wipe out most others.
2] Victoria
It’s good to know that Endland’s most popular and famous Plum by far is eminently suited to life in the one plum tree garden. It is reliably self fertile and crops very heavily, often every other year unless you thin it. The flavour is divine and sweet and juicy and the pale red fruits are perfect for dessert but are also suited to all culinary purposes as well. Remains a most valuable tree for anyone to have in their garden.
3] Czar
Predominantly a culinary variety, so if you like to cook a lot with your Plums then this variety is well suited. It is ultra reliable and early too, giving ripe fruit from late July during warmer seasons. Very frost tolerant and suited even to Northern localities, this is an old classic that continues to do well.
4] Marjories Seedling
At the other end of the season, this season-extending Plum is well worth considering. Marjories Seedling is reliably self fertile and produces large, fulsome, high quality fruits. They are almost circular, a dusky deep purple and have a rich golden juicy flesh. Dual purpose, and suitable for eating fresh as well as bottling, pies, jams and freezing, an immensely useful Plum. It is the last of the main varieties to ripen, for use mid-late September, even into October.
5] Violetta
A newer variety well worthy of consideration. It hails from Northern Europe so is hardy and produces beautiful oval violet purple fruits from early August. Seems to be a naturally compact tree that thrives on dwarfing rootstocks and is self fertile. Good for dessert but also doubles as a dual purpose variety.
6] Pershore Yellow
If you want a yellow Plum then this would be a good self pollinating choice. The fruits are better cooked than eaten fresh – whereupon they become extra sweet and juicy. Pies made with this variety are sensational, as are jams and it can also be bottled. Pershore Yellow is hardy and durable and suitable for most areas and a fool proof variety for beginners!

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