Friday, 12 September 2014

The hardiest self fertile apple for garden growing is.....

Self fertile Apple Red Falstaff
From two excellent varieties – Falstaff/Alkmene comes this all conquering ideal garden apple tree which has all the qualities desired to make it the perfect garden tree.
Extraordinarily hardy with blossom proven as frost resistance, for it then to combine disease resistance AND to prove self fertile, makes it the complete package – a ‘perfect’ variety.
In character the fruits are mindful of Braeburn at it’s best. The texture is dense and crunchy, there is plenty of juice and the flavour is mild and refreshing. Ready for harvest from very early October, it will store until Christmas by which time the flavour mellow but it is still noticeably crisp, even when stored. The skin finish is shiny and a bright red over green/yellow. An attractive and appetising apple and most of the fruits fall into the class 1 category.
The blossom is large, deep pink in bud, and attractive. It is also a very good pollinator for other varieties and will help set a wide range of cultivars.
Red Falstaff does well on all rootstocks, as a column, cordon, stepover, fan or espalier. Should be considered as part of every planting programme.

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