Thursday, 26 June 2014

Heirloom Gooseberry 'May Duke' - delicious sweet dessert fruits

Heirloom Gooseberry ‘May Duke’
Grown by select fruitiers for over one hundred years, this beautiful old jewel-like ruby red Gooseberry is well worth highlighting.
It is a dual purpose variety with a gorgeous flavour; when fully ripe and deep red it becomes very sweet, sweet enough even to eat straight from the bush. But you can also use it whilst still green, for pies, bottling, freezing and jams of course.
May Duke is not mildew resistant so it may need help avoiding this fungal disease, but is otherwise healthy, easy to grow moderately vigorous and productive.
May Duke does well as a bush, a standard and also as cordon trained against a fence or wall.
For bushes plant 5’ apart, cordons 18” apart.

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