Saturday, 28 June 2014

Tips for growing fruit in small gardens [3]

3] Underplant dwarf fruit trees
So, you’ve planted your mini fruit trees and are standing back, awaiting your just desserts. Maybe you’re viewing that nice 6’ wide space suspiciously, wondering whether it was a wise use of space after all. Thinking of all those wonderful other things you could have planted there….
Fear not! As long as you avoid deep rooted and competitive plants, or shrubs you can happily underplant your small trees with many things. Remember these are mini trees that won’t cast a lot of shade and the roots won’t take huge amounts of moisture from the soil, unlike larger trees and shrubs. So, with careful consideration make sure you utilize this valuable understory space.
Whether your choice is for pretty ornamentals, or edibles the range is large.
Smaller vegetables and salads – lettuce, radish, spring onion, herbs in profusion, maybe some parsley, time, basil and coriander – or annual flowers for a splash of bright colour and maybe some cutting material. Bulbs are absolutely fine too, whether spring flowering daffs or tulips and hyacinths, or some judiciously placed gladioli or bedding dahlia’s for a late summer display.

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