Monday, 23 June 2014

Growing fruit in small gardens - 2.

2] Utilize a wall.
If you want to grow a range of fruit but are tucked for space then look again at any available wall or fence space. It might currently be home to a decadent but ltimately impractical and useless rose, or a clematis maybe. A change of use will work wonders and it does not matter which way the wall faces. A South or West facing aspect is a wonderful environment for more exotic fruits such as Peach, Apricot, Nectarine, Figs or Kiwi Vines but even shadier North and East walls can be a home to blackberries, tayberries, a Morello Cherry or a Cooking apple.
Fan and espalier trained fruit trees can be very attractive and don’t forget, have their own beauty too. For an average fan or espalier trained tree you will need fence or wall space of not less than 6 x 6’. Make sure the soil isn’t too dry which it can sometime be by a wall. Mulch and water well until well established.
Blackberries and Tayberries need a similar sized area in which to grow and are very hardy and easy to care for with bountiful crops later in Summer.

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