Thursday, 8 May 2014

An unusual fruit you must try.

The Japanese Strawberry.
Japanese Strawberry – [a name that has been coined along the way at some point, for we can find no connection to Japan at all] arose as a very interesting and inspired cross between a Strawberry and a Raspberry. It forms a neat, low spreading sub-shrub that may die down completely each Winter but invariably shoots again from below ground each Spring. It can form colonies of short 18” stems clothed in pretty toothed foliage that colours strongly in the Autumn to orange and yellow. Its large solitary white flowers have a green centre and set brilliant red berries which although a little empty of flavour, are sweet and a pleasure just to pick and eat as you are passing. It has a long fruiting season and it’s not unusual to find the Japanese Strawberry in fruit from July through August.
N pruning is required, simply trim down old stems in October, to ground level. A mulch of organic matter or leafmould is beneficial on lighter soils, but this is generally a pretty easy plant to grow.

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