Thursday, 6 February 2014

In the fruit garden - tasks for January/February

Planting of new fruit bushes and fruit trees can continue as long as the weather is reasonably open. Not ready yet: start planning what you would like or need to plant or replace. You need to start acting soon to plant for this season if you haven’t already made definite plans.
All newly planted cane and bush fruits should be pruned now. Newly planted fruit trees and vines can be pruned now until March only.
Cut back laterals formed last Summer on Redcurrants, whitecurrants and gooseberries.
Feed fruit trees and bushes with an appropriate fertilizer; sulphate of potash for soft fruits and apples and pears plus a balanced N.P.K fertilizer to Cobnuts.
Check newly planted trees are still firmly staked and that ties haven’t loosened.
Start covering strawberry plants with cloche or a polythene cover to encourage earlier fruiting.
The first application of copper fungicide for Peach leaf curl in Peaches, Nectarines and Almonds can be applied later this month.
Give a winter wash to trees in general whilst they are still dormant and before they break bud.

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