Saturday, 8 February 2014

Feature on Yellow Raspberries

Variably called golden, yellow or even apricot, these super-sweet and delicious Raspberry cane cultivars were famously but rather briefly commissioned by a certain well known food store for stocking in their stores. But it didn’t last long as the fruit quality of yellow Raspberries do not compare to the best commercially grown red ones. So they are relatively seldom seen in stores and shops.
The fruit is usually smaller but it is delectably sweet and mild and also very pretty especially when combined with other raspberries and soft fruit in a table display. There are a few varieties you can try, including summer and autumn fruiting cultivars, and they are all grown in just the same way as the red varieties with regard to cultural preferences and pruning.
Autumn fruiting varieties
Fallgold – an old variety, and Allgold - a no-relation newer one, yield from late August and through September and beyond. They should have the fruited canes cut away in February.
Summer fruiting varieties
Golden Queen and Golden Everest are summer fruiting. There is also a new summer yellow variety called Valentine which has larger berries and is worth hunting out. A very old variety called ‘Yellow Antwerp’ with an exquisite taste seems to have died out alas. These summer fruiting varieties should have the old fruited canes cut away as soon as they have finished.
Yellow/Golden/Apricot raspberries are at their best eaten fresh for dessert and can also be made into pretty apricot coloured jams. Plant the canes 12-15” apart and allow 6’ between rows for harvesting and maintenance.

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