Saturday, 27 September 2014


I am often asked to provide prospective yields for fruit trees based on rootstock but generally reluctant to do so. So much depends not only rootstock, but also the variety [some are much more generous than others] locality, soil and the season. During bountiful good years with frostless springs the crop will be significantly greater than that during more difficult seasons.
However I realise it is useful to have some idea of what to expect so here is an educated guess of the type of yield you can obtain given average growing conditions. Just remember it can and will be more and less according to season and variety! All estimates per tree or per bush.
Apples on dwarf M9 30-50ib’s
Apples bush M26 60-120ibs
Apples bush MM106 80-140ib’s
Apple espalier and fan 20-30ib’s
Apple cordons 5-10ib’s
Pears on Quince C 20-40ib’s
Pears Quince A 40-60ib’s
Pears espalier/fan 10-20ib’s
Pear cordons 5-8ib’s
Cherries on Colt 20-40ib’s
Cherries Gisela 5 8-14ib’s
Cherry fans 12-25ib’s
Plums St Julien A 30-60ib’s
Plums Pixy 20-30ib’s
Plum fans 15-25ib’s
Greengage St Julien 20-30ib’s
Greengage Pixy 15-25ib’s
Greengage fan 15-25ib’s
Blackcurrants 12-15ib’s
Gooseberry 6-10ib’s
Red and white currants 8-12ib’s
Cordon soft fruit 1ib
Blackberries 10-25ib’s
Raspberry 1.5 – 2ib’s per ft.
Strawberries up to 1ib per plant.

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