Wednesday, 24 September 2014


The Malus, Crab Apple family, gives a range of very valuable small garden trees that not only provide fruits that make delicious jellies, they also aid pollination with apple trees and provide colour and interest virtually all year round.
Here is a selection of especially small growers that do well in confined spaces, or even patio pots. All are easy to grow, hardy and self fertile and provide really lovely dwarf garden trees.
1] Coral Burst A newcomer with an upright, round headed neat habit. The bushy top growth is virtually obliterated by clouds of deep coral to salmon pink scented flowers. Multicoloured fruits follow.
2] Sun Rival A nice development with it’s classically weeping, pendant habit. The branches are wreathed in snowy white blossom that emerges from pink buds. The flowers are fragrant and set elliptic red fruits. Train the leader upright for the first 2 eyars for the best shape.
3] sargentii Tina Another neat, upright and round headed then spreading little tree that is eminently suited to life in a container. The flowers are a clean snow white and scented. Sets fruits very prolifically. Also produces some Autumn leaf colour; one of our top sellers!
4] Red Obelisk If you are looking for a taller, but non spreading tree then Red Obelisk is ideal. Despite a top height of around 8’ it is still very suitable for a small garden because it does not spread. The foliage is a deep coppery bronze and combines well with the deeply lustrous carmine flowers are ox blood red fruits.
5] Red Jade A nice waterfall weeping tree with flowers like true appleblossom, a joy in April and May. These set masses of moderately sized shining red fruits. Valuable even in winter when the elegant form and winter fruits really show well.

With the exception of Red Obelisk the above trees will reach no more than 6’ or less.

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