Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Planting Figs

Planting Figs
Figs can be very easy to grow - deceptively hardy and tolerant of wide ranging soils, yet if you are too kind to them you can end up with acres of handsome big leaf - but no fruit!
The secret lies in providing plenty of sun to ripen wood and fruit - and also to restrict the root growth. This latter can be achieved by planting in a large bottomless bucket, or by incorporating rubble into the planting hole. Such stringent measures usually result in a smaller, more productive tree but of course you do need to make sure the plant is allowed to establish well with plenty of water.
A sunny south or west facing aspect is best and you can also grow them in containers in the greenhouse. The leaves are very handsome and deeply cut - well worth having but I suspect most of you would like some fruits as well!
Brown Turkey remains the most reliable and popular variety by far; Brunswick is also well worth trying and the sweet, pale green-white Marseilles is a choice variation.

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