Friday, 17 October 2014

New strawberry variety for the fruit harden

Your guide to essential new fruit varieties
Christine is a second early selection that has quickly become a firm favourite owing to it’s consistently large, perfectly presented and attractive berries which have a high sugar content, resulting in the ultimate eating pleasure. One of the few modern varieties that is really well flavoured, the fruits ripen 5 days before Elsanta and will then provide 3 distinct flushes of ripen fruit. A very high yielding variety and, amongst the earlies, unusual for the size and quality of it’s fruit. It is also the most disease resistant early, having resistance to Verticillium Wilt and Mildew as well as certain spider Mites. The fruits can be quite firm in texture but this is compensated for by the superb flavour.
Christine is already very popular, not only commercially but also as a garden variety and is guaranteed to please with it’s pleasing healthy growth, high yield and quality flavourful fruits.

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