Thursday, 7 August 2014

Apple varieties for the one-tree garden

A relative newcomer to the world of Apple growing, ‘Limelight’ was introduced about 10 years ago principally as a variety suited ideally to gardens.
The reasons behind this recommendation are that it is naturally compact, spur bearing and self fertile too. The constant rise in demand for apple varieties that can perform well on their own without the need for a pollinating partner ensure that Limelight fulfils a need for varieties with this characteristic.
Bred from the hugely popular ‘Greensleeves’ Limelight is a more compact and highly productive selection. The fruits are pale green ripening to a chartreuse yellow. This might sound dull but it is a very clean and bright looking Apple and most samples are prefect. The flavour is sweet but bright, refreshing and very juicy. Harvest in early October and suitable for use until December.
Disease resistance is good.
Limelight is ideally suited to container growing and is magnificent on dwarfing rootstocks such as miniature M27 and dwarfing M9 as well as being perfect for modern columnar growing systems.

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