Thursday, 5 June 2014

A really red-stick rhubarb with a delicious flavour.

Rhubarb Cawood Delight
A Northern raised variety from Stockbridge House which has achieved a sought-after fame amongst Rhubarb enthusiasts. Cawood Delight is renowned as the reddest of all Rhubarb plant varieties with outstanding sticks which are a deep cherry red in colour. This colour is retained on cooking and makes brilliantly coloured jams, pies, and preserves and crumbles. The flavour is sweet and sublime.
These are it’s principal virtues; the size and quality of the sticks can be wan and the plant lacks principal vigour. This is the reason plants are always scarce and difficult to find. It definitely appreciates good management and kindness to maximise it’s potential and to get the best from it.
The sticks are ready for pulling from mid May and are unsuited to forcing.

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