Saturday, 24 May 2014

Superb New Raspberry introduction

-Your guide to essential new fruit cultivars-
Bred by the Scottish Raspberry Breeding Consortium, another in the long line of ‘Glen’ prefix varieties.
Glen Fyne raspberry canes have berries of large size – comparable to Glen Ample, which is much larger than your average Raspberry! The fruits are highly cohesive with an attractive skin finish and a season which commences a few days earlier than Glen Ample and then continues for several weeks.
The variety was heavily trialled commercially and with ‘the public’ before release and consistently achieved high rankings for it’s flavour which has been described as very aromatic. Perfect for dessert use and all other purposes.
The growth is moderately vigorous with long spine free canes that are easily harvested as the fruit is well displayed on long side laterals. Consistently outyields Glen Ample which was itself until recently the heaviest cropping floricane variety available.
Glen Fyne needs good soil conditions to perform at it’s best and is not suited to heavier soils.

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