Thursday, 12 December 2013


A rare speciality variety first introduced by the famous Rivers Nursery of Sawbridgeworth, well over 50 years ago.
This sizeable very rounded plum Peach has a clean white flesh and a handsomely mottled exterior skin which is peach-ivory heavily dappled and blushed in raspberry red. The fruits are considered to be the most divinely flavourful of all Peaches and usually have a lot of juice.
Kestrel is not usually regarded as being the most hardy of Peaches but it can provide good results in more favoured areas, or if grown against a sunny south or west wall. It also produces well in large containers and of course in the cold greenhouse or conservatory. Fruit ripens Mid August.
Self fertile; the rose pink blossom appears quite early so for good pollination and to provide frost protection throw some fleece over it whilst in bloom, if night frost threatens.
Specimens grown inside will benefit fro hand pollination.

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