Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Cherry tree Regina - a new garden classic

A recent introduction from Germany which is already one of the most popular commercial Cherries but is also finding favour in home gardens.
Regina is a season-extending Cherry which ripens late, mid-late August, providing a heavy crop after the main Cherry season. The fruits of Regina will ripen over a 10-14 day period giving a heavy crop of large and shapely dark red-black fruits. The flavour is very good, sweet and intense.
This variety is very hardy and suitable for growing in most areas. Highly compatible on the dwarfing Gisel 5 stock, it has performed well on all growing systems – dwarf bush, column, fan trained and festooned.
Regina is not self fertile and will benefit from a pollinating partner, Sunburst, Stella, Lapins or Summer Sun are recommended. As Regina is principally used to extend the English cherry picking season and cultivated in combination with other varieties, this should not be seen as a drawback. An excellent late ripening variety of great value.

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