Saturday, 30 November 2013

The sweetest Raspberry variety of all.

I didn’t have to think long and hard about this one as there is one clear winner. The old classic variety that seems to be criminally ignored these days – ‘Malling Jewel’ This old standby which has been grown for more than 50 years has many attributes which still make it an ideal garden variety today. Top amongst those credentials are the full, ripe and rosy super sweet true Raspberry taste. Others just can’t compare! The fruit size is admittedly lacking and may seem inferior to today's modern goliaths. But what are you gardening your own soft fruits for? Taste or looks? I bet in the greatest majority of cases it’s the former.
Malling Jewel fruits mid season; that’s about mid July and it will ripen for 3 weeks or more. The fruit is very rounded and a nice deep pinky red. This variety is very easy to pick because the growth is very short – you can even grow it without support. Wind resistant, but also rain resistant and hardy – grows and crops well under most conditions and all parts of the country.
Malling Jewel is incomparable for dessert use and one of the finest treats of summer is picking and eating the first of these delectable little raspberries. Although small the berries are prolific and also freeze well as well as making the ultimate Raspberry jam…..

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