Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Grow something different - the Dewberry

A distinctively unusual fruit to grow, this scarcely met with relative of the Blackberry grows wild in some parts of Europe.
Its slender, spreading stems are more delicate and finer in appearance than the Blackberry, and the dainty leaves can exhibit very good autumn leaf shades, making this an ideal choice for the shrubbery if desired. Growth is moderately vigorous, a spacing of 4’ between plants is sufficient. Soil type is unimportant to this is a cheerfully easy plant to grow!
The single white flowers give rise to a long succession of fruits. Although small – usually no more than an inch across – they are quite beautiful with a distinct blueish bloom. The delicate, subtle flavour is almost pure ‘fruits of the forest’. Ideal for adding to yogurts, jams, preserves and pies or for eating fresh. They ripen from August to October.
If you have a penchant for something different in your fruit garden then why not give this curiosity a trial, it’s a very enjoyable plant to grow.

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