Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Featured Variety heirloom Pear 'Fondant d'Automne'

This old French variety was introduced to Britain over 75 years ago.
Only recently has it become available again and has rapidly become known as the most delectably flavoured of the mid season Pear trees.
Ripening from late September, it is a precocious and free-setting garden tree, at odds with some of the many other French varieties which do not all do well in our climate.
This compact freely spurring little tree habitually sets generous clusters of beautifully shapely olive green fruits which ripen with a slight vermilion flush on the sunny side. The deep, tender, extremely juicy flesh has a subtle, honeyed and slightly spicy flavour. They do not alas keep for too long.
Another feature is the foliage which usually exhibits deep red colours in the Autumn before falling.
Pollinates well with Concorde, Beth, Conference and Beurre Hardy. An unusual and ideal garden Pear tree - and very photogenic too!

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