Saturday, 5 July 2014

New seedless Red Grapevine

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Grape Vine ‘Suffolk Red’
A valuable addition to the range of hardy seedless Grape varieties which can be grown outside in the UK.
Suffolk Red is more reliable than ‘Flame’ which has until now been the only seedless red generally available. Suffolk Red will do well even in more Northern localities, with the benefit of a sunny wall.
Suitable for intensive growing systems, and for growing indoors or out, the oval fruits are a pale carmine-pink with a delicious juicy texture and flavour. Quality is good and forms a most attractive bunch, that is partly self-thinning.
Most seedless grape varieties can still produce seeded fruits if conditions are less than ideal, of if the vine is stressed. Suffolk Red has this trait to a much lesser degree and will become first choice for a seedless red Grapevine for UK gardens.

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