Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The best mildew resistant Gooseberry varieties

MILDEW RESISTANT GOOSEBERRIES– a boon to modern Gooseberry growing.
American powdery mildew is a bain yo Gooseberries every year, even if you carry out a fastidious spraying programme the older varieties often still get it. It can spoil the whole crop and affect the leaves as well.
But help is at hand. Painstaking selection has resulted in a slew of modern new varieties that remain as clean as a whistle! What’s more they yield more hevaily than many of the oldies with no loss of that wonderful gooseberry flavour. Here are our recommendations:
INVICTA with it’s massed clusters of pale white-green fruits all down the stems, a great variety for all culinary purposes and the number one selling gooseberry variety.
GREENFINCH An earlier maturing variety with bottle green fruits just waiting for a pie.
ROKULA The first mildew-free red Gooseberry, so sweet it can be eaten straight from the bush.
PAX Largely spine free, mildew free and with delicious sweet red fruits, this variety has it all. However it does come with a caution – the recent run of arctic winter has led to young stocks of this variety being decimated so be prepared.
HINO RED A variety from Euorpe which is a lovely hardy clean grower, the fruits are fairly small but very plentiful.
HINO YELLOW From the same stable as Hino Red, with primrose yellow sweet fruits that also suit dessert as well as culinary uses.
JUBILEE A selection from the popular old commercial variety ‘Careless’ only with much better disease resistance. Really good crops of large class-1 fruits can easily be obtained with this good growing Gooseberry.

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