Sunday, 12 October 2014

The sweetest golden plum - Coes Golden Drop

Plum Coes Golden Drop
Often described as a Gage flavoured Plum, this delectable small fruit has been pleasing connoisseurs for over 80 years.
The small, circular golden yellow fruits ripen at their leisure during August and are usually the most eagerly awaited of all the summer stone fruits. The soft, juicy yellow flesh has a distinct taste that has been likened to apricot and is absolutely divine eaten straight from the tree. They also make wonderful preserves or pies.
This variety is self fertile so can be grown on it’s own and makes a fairly small easily managed tree which might make it sound easy to grow. In many ways it is, but this is not a variety you would grow in the North, or in a frost pocket. It prefers a warm situation to do well and is often afforded the luxury of a sunny wall.
It can also be grown well as column tree.

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