Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Extend your Plum picking season with......

Late plum Marjories Seedling.
At the other end of the Plum tree season, this season-extending Plum is well worth considering. Marjories Seedling is reliably self fertile and produces large, fulsome, high quality fruits. Great for the one Plum tree garden, it doesn’t need anything else to help it fruit. The fruits are large, almost circular, a dusky deep purple and have a rich golden juicy flesh. Dual purpose, and suitable for eating fresh as well as bottling, pies, jams and freezing, an immensely useful Plum. It is the last of the main varieties to ripen, for use mid-late September, even into October and is hardy and suitable for growing everywhere.
Also an ideal Plum to use in combination with Victoria.

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