Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The earliest strawberry variety of all

Strawberry Emily
Deserves it’s own special spot because Emily is quite simply the most naturally early strawberry plant ever raised. It can ripen outdoors, without protection from late May! With the benefit of a simple cloche, this can be advanced by up to 2 weeks. That makes Emily of considerable value to any strawberry planting programme as it as real season-extender.
The fruits are small to medium sized and ripen to a dark shiny red, they are usually quite pointed with prominent seeds. The flavour is very good – intense slightly sharp and powerful but wonderful with just a little sugar. Certainly not lacking in flavour!
I have always found Emily to be quite a small plant; it’s yield does not compare to maincrop varieties but is acceptable for an early variety. The flowers are very early appearing so make sure you provide frost protection overnight during periods of late frost. Remove the covering during daytime to allow pollinating insects to do their job.
Emily is also very suitable for pots and growbags. I would not plant it on light soil.

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