Saturday, 12 April 2014

The finest flavoured garden Blackberry

First released in 1978, and only the second cultivar to be released under the esteemed new [at the time] Medana foundation stock scheme, Ashton Cross wasselected and released from a comprehensive trialling of wild Blackberry plant selections based at Long Ashton Research near Bristol.
Although thorny, Ashton Cross is not excessively so and the main stems are not as fearsome nor vigorous as the majority of spiny Blackberries. The fruit quality is better than the average Bramble and the medium sized fruits are well displayed on branched fruiting clusters. A shiny black, they are of true Blackberry shape - circular rather than logan-shaped as so many of today's hybrid-origin newer varieties are. A heavy cropper, the season starts in early August and may last 3 weeks or so.
Plant the canes 8' apart; for the best cropping potential cut out the fruited canes in early autumn and tie in the strong new growths from the base; these will carry next summers crop.
The main reason for growing this variety is the flavour, for it truly can be said to possess the true well rounded, gently aromatic and sweet flavour of the finest hedgerow bramble, but with better garden qualities.
A popular variety since it's introduction & one we shall always keep growing.

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