Thursday, 27 March 2014

New white Mulberry cultivar

White Mulberry ‘White Wonder’
A special new selected form of the White Mulberry tree, Morus alba that first became available on the continent. Noticed for it’s free fruiting nature early in life and beautiful rosy cream sweet fruits, this variety also shares an ornate attractiveness of the original Morus alba species.
An upright bushy growing small tree, the large heart shaped leaves turn clear yellow in the Autumn. It can easily be contained in a 24 inch container or grown in the mixed border or lawn. It will mature to 10’or more in time, in the garden but is slow growing and easily contained. Self fertile; the fruits begin to ripen in early August and are much sweeter than the more commonly cultivated Black Mulberry.
The flavour is unique and can be enjoyed straight from the tree. White Mulberries also make a distinctive jam or preserve and can also be frozen.
Self fertile, hardy and easy to grow – an ideal ‘new’ fruit tree for the garden!

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