Sunday, 16 March 2014

An intruder-proof fruit barrier

For many years a good mature hedge of ‘Himalayan Giant’ has been the ideal answer for the larger garden that wanted to keep out the local farmers cows or next doors unwanted children. By planting a vigorous thorny Blackberry variety such Himalayan Giant, a permanent impenetrable barrier is quickly formed in a short time. For fast results plant the canes 5-6’apart and make sure the soil is well prepared beforehand, well dug over and dressed with bonemeal. This will encourage fast establishment and quicker subsequent growth. Pot grown Blackberries can be planted at any time of year, but October to April is the best time and will involve less watering. By planting at 5-6’ between canes, a much closer distance than normal, the plants tend to grow upward rather than lope along the ground which is their natural tendency and they give a good height more quickly. This system is however really only for those with large gardens since there is a tendency for the hedge to try and spread and colonise other areas.
Himalayan Giant is the best variety for this use but other spiny Blackberries can also be considered such as Bedford Giant, John Innes or Fantasia which is very vigorous.

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