Monday, 30 December 2013

How to grow Mulberries in Containers

The mystical and romantic associations of the Mulberry tree can be enjoyed even in a small garden or a good sized patio pot – with the introduction of our new compact selection, named ‘Black Lady’. Attached is a photo of the ripening fruits of this gorgeous Black Mulberry tree, raken here on the Nursery.
Black Lady is more short-jointed than normal Mulberry Trees which has led to a size reduction of some 20% compared to Morus nigra. The logan-shaped ruby red to black fruits appear in generous clusters, ripening from late July. The flavour is superb – sharp, aromatic, powerful and just made for jams, conserves and serving with vanilla ice cream!
These are good-looking trees at all stages, densely clad in larged toothed leaves, a tree of noble character, these leaves turn to all manner of gold and russet shades in Autumn. We shall endeavour to post a further picture then.
Black Lady is entirely hardy and slow growing; grow it in a 24” pot of John Innes no 2 compost and it will be happy for many years and you may even see fruit within 3 seasons. That’s pretty good going for a Mulberry Tree – tradiitonally they take 10 years or more to fruit!

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