Friday, 6 December 2013

Featured Variety - red Pear 'Sensation'

Never has a Pear been more aptly named!
I recieve a lot of enquiries for trees of the so-called red Pears that are available in the supermarkets but as these are all imported varieties there hasn’t been a viable alternative. Until now.
Sensation produces these big, weighty, lusciously juicy and sweetly aromatic fruits that Pear lovers just can’t get enough of! A sport of the universally known ‘Williams bon Chretien’, the fruits ripen in September.
Pear tree 'Sensation grows well on all the usually grown rootstocks and systems. Nursery grown treea on the most compact and garden-worthy rootstock, Quince C have yielded well. Quince C only makes a tree of around 8' in height and is more easily controlled. But if you want to grow this Pear in a larger space, or as an Orchard tree then it is compatible on the more vigorous Quince A or BA29 stocks. It is not a tip bearer so also does well as cordon, fan or espalier.
What’s more this special new Pear variety adorns itself with glossy purple-tinted new leaves. A Pear tree you can plant as an ornament as well as a productive tree.
This variety will need a pollinator, so make sure you have another Pear tree growing nearby to ensure those beautiful, delicious fruits. Conference, Concorde or Beth all make good pollinating partners, but don’t use Williams itself.

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