Thursday, 5 December 2013

Featured variety - heirloom black grape 'Rembrandt'

Indoor Grape Vine ‘Rembrandt’
Popular in Victorian times as a ‘Hothouse’ grape considered to be the finest of all for it’s superior eating qualities, but happily this exquisite variety has survived to the present day.
You do not need a ‘hothouse’ environment to grow this cultivar – it will perform well in any greenhouse, conservatory or sun lounge, heated or unheated, but it doesn't do well outside.
The perfect elongated bunches usually self-thin as they mature, ensuring a crop of perfect quality large berries which ripen to a dusk black with a light bloom.
The flavour is sumptuous; thin skinned, sweet and slightly aromatic with usually just one or two seeds each.
A vigorous grower but suitable for all growing systems so may be contained within bounds. Tod and spur, fan training, cordon all suit Rembrandt well, or you can just let it grow!

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